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Luxesage | Travel Publisher

As creative and content director of travel publisher Luxesage, I set an editorial strategy, narrative tone and visual guidelines for the custom-publishing studio and all its books, from concept to distribution.
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Focused on travel, food and hospitality, Luxesage partners with inspiring brands to produce beautiful coffee table books with substance.
Distributed amongst a network of like-minded partners or offered as a special gift, the titles connect top-notch brands with a savvy audience.

Creative Direction

Over the last few decades, travel became commonplace, and as a consequence, some of its magic has been lost.
In opposition to this sense of disenchantment, I shaped the brand's identity to celebrate the art of travel and, just as important, the art of the stay. A trigger to the senses, the brand's visual directives and narratives offer a glimpse into a world gripped by wanderlust.
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Focused on simplicity and clarity, I designed the brand identity to be an easy fit with the publisher's different titles – a sort of umbrella brand which comes alive in conjunction with each book's individuality.
On a playful note, the capital L metamorphoses into a book-end when applied solo in an upright position or, when flipped 90 degrees and used in repetition, turns into a flock of birds soaring up into the sky.
I shaped all written content, conveying a poetic feel within a modern narrative.
Capitalising on strong titles and a stanza-like text structure, each word is meant to enrich, and never to fill or overload pages.
Through negative space and the symbolic value of typography, I defined visual guidelines by exploring the symbiotic relationship between text, photography and illustration. Soothing tones invite the reader to unwind and dive into the pages.
Freelance journalist, art director and photographer based between Lisbon and Madrid. Branded and editorial content creation for print and digital.
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