Eleh Design Series


Project Description:

In response to fashion's frenetic pace, I developed a system of capsule collections for shoe brand Eleh to replace the usual seasonal collections. ​
To communicate the brand's modus operandi, I developed an umbrella identity for all its collections: giving specific features to each and highlighting each shoe as a unique item, while unveiling the story behind their collection.
This approach was applied to numerous media, including packaging, and won A' Silver Design Award. 

Design Direction:

The project created a link between the series while exploring inspiration and design at an individual level. A symbol evokes the idea behind each collection, reinforced by customised typography; all elements mirror the collection's unique colour palette.
Designed to display the shoe as a showpiece, the acrylic box brings to mind references such as Cinderella's crystal shoe – yet it's also a clever response to a practical issue.
There's no longer any need to waste time looking for a pair.
Freelance writer, creative director and photographer based between Lisbon and Madrid. Branded and editorial content creation for print and digital.