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I'm a writer, creative director, and photographer based in Lisbon.

I've written for outlets like CNN
and National Geographic, and I have a decade of experience working in art direction, copywriting, editorial strategy and consultancy. You can read selected articles here, and find examples of my brand work here.

Alongside feature writing and brand work, I’m currently working on two books.

The first is a non-fiction work based on two years documenting the Lisbon-based, community-led, investigative podcast Fumaça on their journey towards financial sustainability, and it delves into issues surrounding independent journalism, the creative and investigative process, and the beauty and elusiveness of collective stories.

The second, for reasons as yet unknown to me, will eventually be a novel.

A little bit more about me

I get shivers from the way Joan Didion strips writing down to the bone, I like the near-silent humour of Jacques Tati and I like the ideas of Thomas Piketty and Mariana Mazucatto. I grew up listening to songs of the carnation revolution before I could make sense of them, and the voice of David Attenborough takes me back to Sunday mornings watching BBC Wildlife.

I like big ideas living in small structures, and I like people who experiment and believe that this thing called the common good exists and sometimes cause sightings.

I have a habit of dancing until my feet hurt, I’m interested in everything culture, and I stubbornly want to understand what it means to live in a global world.

I like sunny days and dark chocolate.
I’m that original.


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