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Fashion Brand | Eleh

As design director and co-founder of shoe brand Eleh, I've overseen creative, product and communications for nearly a decade – including branding, creative direction, brand narratives, visual directives, and product and retail design.
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With a tradition dating back to the nineteenth century, Eleh stands for fashion’s quieter side, paying tribute to the highest standards of quality in a constant quest for beauty.
Stripped down of much of the modern fashion fandango, Eleh is all about quintessential style, precision fitting and ethical craft.

Creative Direction

As an antidote for the fashion world's frantic pace, I focused the atmosphere of the brand around the values of craftsmanship, presented through a contemporary lens.
Following a more natural, human rhythm, the brand's visual directives and narratives emerge from the design thinking behind each collection, the shaping of models by experienced hands, the heightening of the shoe as a cultural symbol.


Working across all brand channels, I aimed for an identity that reflected the brand's legacy and craftsmanship and simultaneously felt contemporary – an emblematic graphic design with a sense of fashion.
In a balancing act between old cinematic allure and a modern aesthetic, the identity revels in a profusion of cultural references and a strong storytelling drive. My work won the A' Silver Design Award in branding and packaging in 2016.
The brand story balances a strong link to the past and the craft with a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel.
Besides shaping the brand story as a whole, I curated copy for all types of purposes, from collections' presentations to a book.
I favoured darker tones and faded light for an elegant atmosphere, tempered by a cosmopolitan background.
Saturated colours such as peach pink and cherry red emphasise the creative mood conspicuous in illustration and photography.

Product Design

I was responsible for the brand's collections for over ten seasons, including trends research, product design and production supervision.
With a dawn-to-dusk mindset, the collections' design direction plays with classic shoemaking methods to find new silhouettes via bold cut-outs, trompe l'oeil effects, and unexpected colour and material combinations.

Interior Design

I designed store concepts and interiors for both permanent and temporary display, interweaving brand identity into spatial narratives in projects all across Europe.
Projects include the transformation of the brand's sixty-year-old shoemaking atelier into a flagship store, the development of pop-up stores and the concept of exhibitions in embassies and galleries.
Freelance journalist, art director and photographer based between Lisbon and Madrid. Branded and editorial content creation for print and digital.