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Sojourn Lisbon

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Lisbon is light, sea and emotion

Once criticised by her kings for her lack of grand avenues and majestic architecture,in the old continent’s favoured style, Lisbon is master of her own identity.
A harmonious picture postcard combining all latitudes, Lisbon evokes an old traveller whose home reflects long journeys across restless centuries.
Worn white cobbles and colourful frontages, red-tiled rooftops and purple jacarandas.
Moorish-influenced kaleidoscopic tiles, countless churchs, soaring tropical palm trees. And fado, the seven hills, the Tagus.
A wise wanderer, the old city offers a warm welcome.

The Grand Curator

Gulbenkian arrived in Lisbon in 1942, at the height of Europe’s darkest hour.
Considering the shipment of part of his collection from London to the United States of America, one might suppose the Portuguese capital was no more than his last stop before crossing the vast Atlantic.
A world traveller born in the Ottoman Empire in 1869, Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian was a collector by nature, starting in his teenage years with a set of Greek coins and culminating with one of the world’s greatest collections.
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