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Private Paradise


Come away with me.

Off to a tropical island.
To a far-flung destination.
Down by the Equator,
where the sun is never shy
and the moon lights up the sea.
To a world of pristine waters
scattered with strings of islands.
To a world fringed with corals
and expanses of golden sand,
where blue reigns supreme.
The bluest of blues,
one thousand shades of blue.
Let us float in the midnight sea
and swim among tropical fish.
Let us slumber to the sound
of the waves lapping ashore
and awake to the chattering
of colourful parrots and
exotic birds circling above.
Let us fall for this sliver
of unspoiled natural beauty.
Come away with me.

Featured resorts:

Four Seasons Seychelles at Desroches Island, Jumby Bay, COMO Parrot Cay, Kokomo Island, Soneva Jani, Song Saa, Bawah Reserve, Mnemba Island, The Brando.
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